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On demand design and OEM service
TK 360

The TK 360 division specializes in “on demand” collaboration with our customers. A team of qualified technicians in multiple solutions for the design of sheet metal and tube products able to perform engineering, prototyping, processing and logistics up to the end customer from a simple drawing. A tailored service, tailor-made for customers who need part of the service, such as, for example, only processing or just engineering.

The most demanding customers are assigned a product manager to follow the project from the first brainstorming to logistics and delivery.

A service based on the quality, experience, technology and flexibility that only a company with a 360 ° vision on all markets can offer, when looking for real added value on the product.


The TK 360 package contains the following stages:

  • Review of the concept presented by the customer

  • Study of industrial feasibility and economy

  • Engineering and cost study

  • Procurement

  • Preparation of traditional and digital sales media

  • Production

  • Logistics and Client Consignment

  • After Sales Consultancy

This package is enhanced according to the real needs of the customer, the purchase volumes, the required phases and is completely customizable.

The service is aimed at industrial companies that need to complete their range with metal products, customers who have a commercial distribution chain and would like a customized product without industrial problems, companies that have the ability to only partially complete the phases of processing, and to all those who need to have a metalworking department but do not have the opportunity to invest in machinery and equipment.

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