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Acoustic panels & supports


Acoustic panels


One side panels, including tangram,  are made by recycled polyester fiber, The edges of the panels are laser cut. Panels are upholstered with double stretch fabric “TREVIRA CS” on one side only and without the honeycomb insert.  On the non-visible side, the panel is covered with a black cloth suitable for Velcro fastening.

Double side  panels are made by recycled polyester fiber, thermoformed, with internal fireproof honeycomb structure. Soundshaper® technology patented. The edges of the panels are laser cut. Panels are upholstered with double stretch fabric “TREVIRA CS”.


Italy- Classe 1 / Germany- B1 DIN 4102 / France- M1 / Austria - B1 OENORM B3825 - Q1 OENORM 3800 Part. 1 - BS 5852 Crib 5 using a CM Foam 35 kg/cu.m - EN 1021 Part.1-2 using a CM Foam 35 kg/cu.m

- USA Calif. Bull. 117 June 2013 - EN 13501 - 1 1,2 : B-s1 , d0 – EN 13773 Burning Behaviour: class 1 - EN ISO 6940/6941 / Switzerland – Fire Protection Classification: 5.3

pannello acustico personalizzabile

Customizable panels

Recycled polyester fiber with digital printing, with a metal frame made of 8/10 laser-cut and welded and painted with epoxy powder.

The printing of the panel is totally customizable with any color image. It will be necessary to send a PDF / JPG / PNG file with a 300DPI image together with the order. Make sure you have all reproduction rights before requesting printing, the company disclaims any responsibility for any copyright.


Wall supports


  • velcro

  • magnets

  • metal brackets


Ceiling supports


  • metal cables

  • metal brackets

  • countertop


Desking supports

  • Metal brackets

  • Metal Clamps

Amb_palo SN01.jpg

Free standing supports

  • metal upright

  • metal supports

  • metal brackets

riunione 03_edited_edited.jpg

Panel with integrated led lamp

  • metal cables

  • metal frame


Divider panel in methacrylate, petg or pvc

Panel in Polymethacrylate (PMMA) thickness 4 or 6 mm. Panel in transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PETG) thickness 1 mm.


Foamlite® is an easy to work lightweight PVC foam board. Its uniformly white and flat surface allows a surprising final printing result. Thanks to its white point, Foamlite® guarantees high fidelity of the colors to be reproduced. Foamlite® panels are characterized by a uniform surface with regular rigidity that has been specifically designed to obtain excellent adhesion of the inks.


Digital printing and screen printing
• Short and medium term communication campaigns
• Signage
• Ideal for laminating films and vinyls
• Flat applications
• Fire behavior according to DIN EN 13501-1: C s3, d0 (210mm)
FOAMALITE® products are free of hazardous substances
and meet the requirements of the RoHS / WEEE directives and the EU Chemicals Regulation (REACH).

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