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Metal works

Complex artifacts and processes are the everyday challenges that Metalway staff, supported by cutting-edge technologies and powerful calculation software, face every day to offer customers excellent quality products in the light metalworking industry.

A factory of over 6,000 square meters, external goods handling areas, tooling trolleys, light and heavy vehicles to allow the movement of raw materials, preserve the ideas, intuitions and expertise of an extraordinary human capital and true corporate assets.

Accuracy, efficiency, compactness are some of the company's strengths in a constant process of improvement.

Metalway has a laser system for the processing of square and round tubes and one for the processing of sheet metal. The systems are set up with automatic unloading and loading elements that allow you to extend the working hours 24 hours without surveillance, with excellent performance on production times.

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A machine that is both capable and sophisticated at the same time, which allows laser processing and sheet metal punching even at high thicknesses. Complete with loading and unloading trolleys, it represents an added value in the production of wardrobes and lockers to achieve a performance of remarkable daily volumes.

The new L3 laser system is versatile, transversal and is able to respond to market needs and product mixes in a more flexible way thanks to its high degree of automation and digitization; Smaller and smaller batch sizes require rapid automation for fast production changes or in hidden time. The range of workable thicknesses and cutting performance depend on the power of the source. To meet the different production needs, L3 has introduced a 6kW high power density source and a 10kW one. Efficiency and productivity are achieved by eliminating downtime, optimizing the process and simplifying system control. L3 is an agile laser: the proprietary functions, the multifunction man-machine interface and the artificial vision systems allow the operator to effortlessly solve the problems he encounters every day in his work, guaranteeing the traceability of parts, supporting the operator in picking. of the pieces and notifying the progress in real time to the production manager, be it human or virtual.

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A hydraulic press folding that, thanks to the large capacity of tools, can make any kind of bends on the steel sheet. Equipped with antonomous loading and unloading, enhanced by a latest generation control processor, it allows a meticulous control of production times, guaranteeing customers punctual deliveries.

With 4 double-pointed stations for pinning, a robot for welding to reach the most difficult corners and above all various workstations with specialized welding operators, who through welding templates are able to guarantee a standard and consistency even with welding. manual. Cleaning and control complete this processing phase which is the flagship of Metalway.

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Pipe tapering

The tapering process allows us to reduce the diameter of the pipes and making them tapered.
This process takes place by means of cold mechanical hammering on pipes of various sizes and lengths. In fact, the department is equipped with various molds suitable for the needs according to the sectors of use.

Pipe bending

Right and left curve in process, with fixed and variable radius, flat, edge or inclined section, in single or multi-radius, with round, oval, rectangular tube, pre-machined with holes and slots.
Aesthetic quality and minimum ovality even on low radius to medium diameter ratios. The high quality standards are the result of the control of the reactions of the material being processed and the consequent management of the working parameters.


Painting, when necessary, is the phase that adds an aesthetic and quality value to the products. The products are painted with the type of product requested by the customer, whether epoxy or liquid, fireproof or not, according to the needs.

The packaging is applied to measure according to customers' requests. Shrink film or cardboard or metal racks, the company is able to satisfy every need in packaging.

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