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Refined Metal Creations
designed and manufactured in Italy



Preparation and experience come together in Metalway, with twenty years of experience in metalworking, it combines technology, experience and new processes, to create innovative objects to help customers face the challenges of the modern world.


The company organization provides for a lean structure with a limited hierarchy, being aware that teamwork is the real key to success that divides responsibilities and multiplies successes. At the helm of the company sits Ms Lorella Pedicone, who since the beginning has participated in the foundation and management of the company. From the richness of her experience and the advantage of having one of the founders actively enrolled in the daily management, comes the certainty of constant quality over time.


Our vision is to offer a complete service to customers and to strive to constantly improve with the enthusiasm of the first day.

Lorella Pedicone, The heart and mind of the company. With your unlimited commitment to research new products and her ability to understand the needs of the market, she leads the company with the natural leadership of someone who knows the job. Her vast experience together with a 360 ° vision is the real secret of the company's success.


Integrated Manufacturing Process

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