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Metalway evolution: Multipurpose adaptive fiber laser

Cutting capacity

Steel (S185JR, S235JR, RAEX 250 C LASER)

Stainless steel (AISI 304, X5CrNi18-10 1.4301)

Aluminum (Al 99.5 EN AW 1050A)

The new L3 laser system is versatile, transversal and is able to respond to market needs and product mixes in a more flexible way thanks to its high degree of automation and digitization; Smaller and smaller batch sizes require rapid automation for fast production changes or in hidden time. The range of workable thicknesses and cutting performance depend on the power of the source. To meet the different production needs, L3 has introduced a 6kW high power density source and a 10kW one. Efficiency and productivity are achieved by eliminating downtime, optimizing the process and simplifying system control. L3 is an agile laser: the proprietary functions, the multifunction man-machine interface and the artificial vision systems allow the operator to effortlessly solve the problems he encounters every day in his work, guaranteeing the traceability of parts, supporting the operator in picking. of the pieces and notifying the progress in real time to the production manager, be it human or virtual

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